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Web & graphic designer, HTML5 & CSS3 coder & illustrator, artist, passionate about beautiful design! Proud mom of three babes, work from home freelancer.

WordPress transfer from one host to another

If you ever have tried to transfer WordPress site from one host to another, you will know you’ll run into problems. I did all by the book, by a nice tutorial at this link:


Great tutorial by the way! But the once everything was done.. Every time I clicked on one of the menu items of the new site, I got an index.php error. Not able to show the file, cause of a permission error.. Probably spent about 3-4 hours trying to figure out what a heck was going on. Then found a simple solution! Log in to the admin and reinstall WordPress. All works like magic now!
So, if you ever get such a message:

Forbidden You don’t have permission to access index.php on this server on this server

After you’ve copied all the files from an old WordPress site to a new one, and can’t access some.. simply reinstall WordPress, or update it, from the backend!

Rubber Flooring Online Store

Rubber Flooring TilesAnyone who has children, always keeps an eye out for flooring that is good quality, hard wearing and easy to clean. The latest in all the floor designs is Rubber Tile Floors. So lately we have been working on a website dealing with Rubber Flooring, called therubberfloorstore.co.uk. It is an online shop, where you can buy Rubber Tiles in different colors, PVC tiles in various colors and create your own Rubber Flooring. It is great fun working with all the Rubber Flooring materials that they sell online and making it easier for the customers to purchase them online.
You can visit their website here, to view more Rubber Flooring Tiles.
The Rubber Floor Store

Our designs for Lincoln new and small businesses

Small and start-up businesses are a major portion of our clientelle. We see them as our backbone. Some come and go, some stick around for a long time — some for as long as we have been operating.

We have had our share of frustrations and successes. And out of all that we have noticed patterns and learned many lessons. Some of those lessons we have decided to throw a few solutions at.

One of the problems was website hosting, so we created Hophop Hosting for that.

In the new year starting January 2013 we will release some free templates to help Small and start-up businesses get quickly online and start engaging their potential clients or building more client engagement.

Watchout for the first launch on 15th Jan, 2013.

And as supperstition goes, 13 is not such a great number. We’ll see at the end of the year. ;)

what re your plans for 2013? Share here and let us know what you think.

Why we should drop designing for IE6 and concentrate on design for Mobile devices

If you’re clients are still insisting on designing for IE6 or IE7, as opposed to making sure the design is responsive and also viewable from Mobile and Pad devices, you can convince them with the following statistics.

It can take hours of work for the developers to make the website IE6 compatible, when the number of users is getting lower and lower each year. As of now it is 6% in the whole world, but check this out, most of it comes from CHINA! Should you really be designing for the your chinese audience? That is the question, you need to ask your client.

IE6 usage around the World as of August 2012

Peoples Republic of China 21.3%
UK 0.9%
Australia 0.8%
Canada 0.7%
Russia 0.6%
USA 0.4%
Norway 0.1% (well done!)

Basically most of the world, only around or less than 1% is using IE6 and the only country pushing it up is China. So the next time a client wants you to test your work agains IE6, show how many more extra hours you have to put in for less than 1% of the population. The chances that 1% of these users who still have IE6 are Internet savy shoppers and will give the client loads of orders in their online shop, is well.. close to none.

Take a look at the countdown on IE6 here.

There are some other important stats to remember. Which ARE the browsers to design for? In the past 4 years it is Chrome that has picked up a quick speed, gained around 30% of all the IE users and looks like will be the main browser around for a long time. If in the past 2008 IE was used by around 66.87% of the whole world population, and Chrome was just about born, then in 2012 only about 34.49% are IE users and another 34.39% are Chrome users. Firefox remains at around 24% (has dropped from 26% four years ago). Safari has risen to 7% (from 4%) – mostly all the IOS users, such as iPads and iPhones. Opera remains a small 1.7%-1.6%.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Browser Version (Partially Combined) Market Share

Review a monthly usage of all the browsers and mobile devices from this useful website.

Good news is that most of the IE users have updated their browser to IE9, smaller number is still using IE8. Worldwide usage of different browser versions can be seen here.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Browser Version (Partially Combined) Market Share

Safarista is back at the top: How did we do it?

A week ago we got our website Safarista Design ranking high on Google again for certain important keywords. After the trouble of loosing our domain name for almost a week, we were not very hopeful of getting it quickly to the top rankings again. The second day the website went live, it was ranking #75 on Google search for “web design Lincoln”.. So pretty bad, considering we were at #4 and #1 even before. But now we are back on top, and it only took a around two days. If we had just let the Google bots do their job, we would have eventually gotten the ranking back but

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